New, Improved Golf Tips Quick Released

Is it going to drop?
YES! It Drops!
And the crowd roars.

We have a brand new, much improved version of Golf Tips Quick with an easier and expanded menu and easier access to videos and websites.

We now have a whopping 21 golf tips and instructional sources instead of the previous 13! Think of how long it would take you to find and review these sources each day. Golf Tips Quick is an incredible time saver with top quality golf tips.

These are sources of golf instruction from professional golfers and golf instructors. Almost all the sources and tips are video golf tips and a small number are text and images golf tips.

That creates a constant stream of new golf instruction and golf drills.

We have to make one apology, because you will lose any starred tips since all tips will be loaded anew. We couldn’t avoid this.

Remember to use the Search to find ones for what you need to work on, such as, search on “driver”, “short game”, “putting”. Go to the menu (the 3 parallel lines at the upper left), tap on All Tips, and tap the magnifier icon in the top header.

Also, remember to use the Star for your favorites. You’ll find the “Star” in the top header of each tip. Tap once to turn Yellow to Star (Favorite) a tip. Tap again to remove the color and unstar the tip.

Use the Golf Tips Quick way to master golf. Star 3 tips. Practice them for awhile until you’ve got them fairly well. Then change them and Star 3 others.

We would appreciate it if you let friends and family know about Golf Tips Quick.

We would very much appreciate a 5 star rating in the Google Play store. Just go to our app in the Google Play store after you have purchased the app and it will show you the stars and text area where you can fill in your review. Go to Golf Tips Quick in the Google Play store.

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