Golf Tips Quick 3 Step Method for Fast Improvement

Is it going to drop?
YES! It Drops!
And the crowd roars.

For Fastest Improvement, Use the Golf Tips Quick 3 Step Method:

1. Save Favorites (the Star icon): When you’re viewing a golf tip, tap on the Star, in the top header of the tip, to save a tip as a Favorite. The Star turns yellow.

To see all your Favorite tips, on the menu (the 3 parallel lines at the top left), tap on the “All Stars” item.

Tip: Star only three or four golf tips, one for each of the driver, the irons, and putter, plus possibly a fairway club, long iron, or sand play.

2. Review: Then review just these golf tips each time you practice at the golf driving range or review them before you play a round on the golf course. Review these for five sessions to incorporate them into your play.

3. Replace: When you’re ready for new tips, go to each tip and tap the star again to remove the color from it. Then select a different group of tips to work on next.

Save. Review. Replace.

That’s it. Quick. Easy. Rapid improvement with the Golf Tips Quick 3 Step Method for Fast Improvement.

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