FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does Golf Tips Quick Mobile App Get Its Golf Tips, Golf Drills, and Golf Instructions?

The golf tips, golf drills, and golf instruction techniques are from professional golfers and professional golf instructors offered by a wide variety of sources for free. The huge advantage of the Golf Tips Quick mobile app is that it does a lot of “legwork” for you by aggregating these sources into one portable mobile app that you can have with you where you need it most – at the golf course and golf driving range. You can even catch up on a golf tip, golf drill, or golf instruction over a cup of coffee or any time you’ve got a few minutes for repetition to reinforce your rate of learning.

The price of Golf Tips Quick is for the development and support of the mobile app to display free content from web sites. There is no charge for the content itself. You can go to any of the web sites from which it draws content and view the content yourself or download it individually to your computer. That is, if you want to take many, many, many hours to do so. And you would not have the convenience of having the content in a very quick, single view of a wide variety of web sites and golf tips, golf drills, and golf instruction.

Golf Tips Quick also keeps you automatically updated with new golf tips as they are released by these sites. Again, you save many, many, many hours of having to go to each site and find new golf instructions, golf drills, and golf tips.


Golf Tips Quick, its owner(s) and its developer(s), do not own or host any content. Golf Tips Quick simply provides a tool for its users to view golf tips that already exist on many websites and online sharing sites that allow sharing of this content through RSS feeds or other forms of sharing. The cost of this app is for the use of this app and its functions and is not a charge for any content in this app. The material in this app is distributed in accordance to “fair use” provisions of the U.S. Copyright Law, Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107. All copyright, images, and content belong to the respectful owner.


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