Video Tutorial

Golf Tips Quick Video Tutorial – a short video of some key features in the Golf Tips Quick mobile app.

How to Use Golf Tips Quick


Star only three or four golf instructions, tips or drills as your Favorites (see image at right, click on it to enlarge), one for each for the driver, the irons, and putter, plus possibly a fairway club, long iron, or sand play.

In a Nutshell
When you’re viewing a golf tip, tap on the Star to save a tip as a Favorite. At anytime, tap on the Star at the bottom of the Home screen to see all your Favorited tips.single-tip-unstarred-360x640-notes

Then review just these golf tips, golf instructions, and golf drills each time you practice at the golf driving range or review them before you play a round on the golf course.

Review these for five sessions to incorporate them into your play. When you’re ready for new tips, go to each tip and tap the star again to remove it. Then select a different group of tips to work on next.

That’s it. Quick. Easy. Rapid improvement with the Golf Tips Quick method.

Explanations of Navigation and Symbols

For video golf tips, instructions, and drills, keep in mind that just like any other video on your mobile device, video may play differently over a 3G connection versus a 4G, 4G LTE, or Wi-Fi connection.all-tips-grid-some-read-some-unread-360x640-notes